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Vandeepp Kalra is a self-taught artist, who has painted and experimented with different art mediums for more than a decade. An eternal quest for a true reflection of her creative instincts led her to the world of mosaic art.


Her work, juxtaposing elements of texture, light and scale, articulates into stories filled with color and mystery. Through her compositions, she tries to create an engaging discourse between the viewer and the work; a discourse guided by the luminosity and depth of the glass (mosaic), that is painstakingly cut and deliberately placed against each other to form a coherent whole.  


Vandeepp’s dedication towards the art is witnessed in the minute detailing in her work. Through these details, she creates a narrative that weaves an enthralling experience of discovery for the viewer. The painter in her keeps the movement and the fluidity of the subject alive, which is a challenge to achieve considering the static nature of the glass. This is essentially the real beauty of mosaic art. 

Her palette is vibrant, lively and has a distinct bond with vivid colors. Such is the alliance between the subject, the vivid colors and the mystical pieces she creates, that her work can keep us forever in awe.


“What started off on a whim has grown to become an obsession of sorts.  


Like life, mosaic art is a journey of infinite possibilities. No matter how you plan or conceive the end piece to be, it will always have it's own identity and character, full of surprises. And it's this journey I find most gratifying. 


Each piece of work expresses my love for subtle vibrancy and contrasts. I draw inspiration from anything and everything around me. I can be inspired by a spontaneous thought or idea, and at times it’s a deep and prolonged process of self discovery that takes shapes to form a piece of art. 


Sometimes it’s a riot of colors, and at times profound calmness. My work reflects my emotions and state of mind… whimsical, chaotic and yet balanced...”


- Vandeepp Kalra.

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